Nique: Mind Magician

If you think you can keep your thoughts private, then you have yet to meet professional Mentalist and Psychic Entertainer, Nique Tan. He is a mind reader, and has performed both locally as well as internationally; convincing his audiences everywhere that he can, quite literally, read minds.

With well over a decade of professional performance experience, he currently offers a unique brand of mind reading entertainment for special events worldwide.

Mind Magic: The Show

click for larger viewMind Magic is a truly unique and fully interactive show that features a powerful and yet seldom seen form of performance; a performance that explores the mysteries of the human mind. Presented by renowned Mentalist and Psychic Entertainer Nique Tan, Mind Magic is unlike any other show, as it is one that focuses on the thoughts of the audience.


"...Nique Tan put up an impressive performance..."
- Buttons in the Bread, Theatre Review

"Brilliant showman... I can see him becoming THE Mind Magic expert in Singapore."
- Yvo Goossens, President, Elect Rotary Club

"Unlike anything I've ever seen... Nique has taken it to the next level!"
- Raymond Leong, Materials Dynamics Enterprise

"Prepare to be dumbfounded."
- Kenneth Loh, Chevron Phillips Chemicals Asia Pte Ltd

"Enthralling... a performance so well put together, captivating from start to end."
- John Teo, President, International Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring 115


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